SoliPharma has a number of tabletting presses in her machinery. The output capacity varies from 60.000 to 600.000 tablets per hour. The tabletting lines use Euronorm B and D stamps.


SoliPharma’s capsulating machines are able to produce several capsule sizes. Beside the confessional gelatine capsules SoliPharma also produces the fully vegetable vega capsules.


Another key activity of SoliPharma is sealcoating and colorcoating. Coating is not only important because of recognizability and taste, but can also ad positively to the product’s stability. SoliPharma has four coating units, which process a batch size of 80 kilograms up to 400 kilograms.

Blending / Granuating

SoliPharma has an equipment range to blend and granulate both dry and wet. The drying process is done by an Auromatic fluid bed dryer in combination with a Collette grall.


Sugarcoating and is one of the oldest forms of tablet coating. SoliPharma has multiple sugarcoating facilities, suitable for large as well as for small charges.

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