The SoliPharma quality

SoliPharma guarantees the high quality of her products. The company meets the HACCP-standards for food supplements and is also GMP-certificated for pharmaceutical products and articles of food.

Quality control

The quality control team of SoliPharma consists of experienced and devoted professionals. This team is at your disposal for the development of your products. They can advise you concerning the effectivity, legislation and optimal formulation, in order to create the end products of your demand, in the packaging that you want.


Beside the product quality SoliPharma sets great value on the quality of her service. The SoliPharma team knows all the ins and outs, so we can think along with her customers!

In order to provide an even better efficiency for our clients, we have recently updated our laboratories. Plus we have divided our quality department into subdivisions, with Mr Nico Beekman responsible for the quality of all food supplements. For information about pharmaceutical product quality we kindly refer you to Mr Bert de Petter and for pharmacovigilance please contact Mr Mark van den Eijnden.

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